Ad Platform



Be Programmatic, Be Professional

With several years of mobile business experience and know-how
Huvle has launched a global mobile ad optimized ad platform, AdKnowva



Advertisers and Apps have difficulties in communicating with each other.
AdKnowva analyzes the app info required by Advertisers through direct connections
with Advertisers/Apps in domestic and foreign.
It maximizes in-app ad revenue by delivering inventory info to Advertisers,
and by delivering app optimized ads with advertisers’ feedback to Apps.

  • Global Marketplace

    We keep partnerships with the world’s leading Ad-Tech Companies such as OpenX, PubNative, Smaato, Teads, Yeahmobi, NHN ACE, Nasmedia.

  • Global Reach

    We can allow you to access 3.5+ million mobile users every day.
    With the app partnership expertise, AdKnowva guarantees the quality of its inventory.
    Reach out to the huge audience pool by partnership with AdKnowva.

  • Easy to Integrate

    AdKnowva supports the latest IAB RTB Spec, Server to Server API and SDK integration methods for the global demand and the global publishers.

  • Transparency

    By complying with the international standard of IAB(Interactive Ad Bureau) and MRC(Media Rating Council), AdKnowva has the transparency of its traffic quality.